Oct 24 2014

Agreement to provide business, employment and training for Fort Providence

FORT PROVIDENCE (October 24, 2014) – Minister of Environment and Natural Resources J. Michael Miltenberger signed a Forest Management Agreement (FMA) for the community of Fort Providence today with Digaa Enterprises Limited President Michael Vandell and Director James Christie.  Deh Gah Got’ie First Nation Chief Joachim Bonnetrouge, Fort Providence Métis President Clifford McLeod, Premier Bob McLeod and MLA Michael Nadli signed as witnesses.  The FMA will provide business, employment and training opportunities in the forest industry for residents of Fort Providence.

“This agreement is a unique opportunity for the people of Fort Providence to get in on the ground floor in the on-going development of a growing northern biomass industry,” said Minister Miltenberger.  “It provides Digaa Enterprises with tenure for enough timber volume and access to create a viable forest industry for the community of Fort Providence”

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Oct 23 2014

Minister of ITI issues oil and gas call for nominations

YELLOWKNIFE (October 23, 2014) – Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment David Ramsay today issued a call for nominations for oil and gas development on Territorial Reserve Lands north of 60° in the Central Mackenzie Valley and the Mackenzie Delta/Arctic Islands. All Aboriginal sub-surface lands established pursuant to land claim agreements are excluded.

All nominations must be received by 4:00 p.m. (MST) on November 21, 2014.

A call for bids for nominated blocks may be launched in December 2014 should nominations be received.

Oil and Gas Call for Nominations

Media inquiries:

Leslie Campbell
Senior Communications Officer
Industry, Tourism and Investment
Government of the Northwest Territories
Tel: (867) 920-3343

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Oct 23 2014

Robert C. McLeod – Alternative Arctic Winter Games

Robert C McLeod - Official PortraitMr. Speaker, we are just over 16 months away from the next Arctic Winter Games being hosted in Nuuk, Greenland.  As you know, there are six sports which Greenland is unable to host (Dog Mushing, Gymnastics, Curling, Speed Skating, Figure Skating and Midget Hockey).  Today, I am pleased to announce that Whitehorse, Yukon has agreed to host an “alternative multi-sport event”; the Arctic X Games, to coincide with the 2016 Arctic Winter Games in Greenland.

Mr. Speaker, this is great news for our athletes and Territorial Sport Organizations affected by the exclusion of some sports from the 2016 Arctic Winter Games.  They now have an event to train for and compete in, which will ultimately contribute to further development within their sport.

For many of our athletes the Arctic Winter Games is the pinnacle of their competitive career.  For others, the Games provide an opportunity to use this as a stepping stone in their development.  Many of our athletes continue on to the Canada Winter Games and some have even continued onto the international stage including the Olympics.

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Oct 23 2014

David Ramsay – NWT Coroners

Dave Ramsay - Official PortraitMr. Speaker, later today, I will be tabling the Northwest Territories Coroner Service 2013 Annual Report.  This report sets out some information on the history of the Coroner’s service, the role and structure of the office and some information on their work in 2013.  This report reminds us that in the Northwest Territories, we have a number of dedicated volunteers who are deeply committed to assisting those in their communities at times of tragedy.  They work with circumstances and situations that most of us are unable or unwilling to face.

Coroners play a vital role in our justice system.  They are at the forefront of investigations of deaths.  Their jobs are stressful and difficult, as many of their investigations involve people that they knew within their home communities. They are all too often called out in the middle of the night to deal with scenes that most of us could not face.  They must have the strength to deal with the partners, children and parents who are now at the worst moments of their lives. Yet despite these profound challenges, they will tell you that they find their positions extremely rewarding, as they play an important role in helping to bring closure for most families, and they help prevent tragedies in the future.

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Oct 22 2014

David Ramsay – GNWT First-Ever Call Cycle – Oil and Gas

Dave Ramsay - Official PortraitMr. Speaker, now that the Government of the Northwest Territories is responsible for administering the territory’s onshore petroleum resources, we are looking ahead to effectively plan and manage the NWT’s world-class oil and gas potential for the benefit of all residents.

To encourage future exploration and responsible development of oil and gas reserves in the territory, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment is preparing for its first-ever Call Cycle for Oil and Gas Exploration Rights.

Mr. Speaker, at this stage, the petroleum rights issuance process is moving forward with the Call for Nominations, which may then be followed by a Call for Bids.  During the Call for Nominations phase, interested parties have four weeks to recommend parcels of land to the GNWT that should be made available for oil and gas exploration. Once the results of these submissions have been assessed, the government will decide which parcels will be made available to prospective bidders in a Call for Bids. The Petroleum Resources Act requires that the Call for Bids must remain open for a minimum of 120 days.

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Oct 22 2014

Tom Beaulieu – Road Safety

Tom Beaulieu - Official PortraitMr. Speaker, the safety of Northerners is a goal shared by Members of this Assembly and the Department of Transportation as we strive to build safe communities and a safe transportation system, in all modes, for the benefit of our residents.

Mr. Speaker, Parachute Canada is a national organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. Parachute has declared this week to be National Teen Driver Safety Week. Although young people only make up 13% of licensed drivers nationally, they account for 24% of road fatalities. Additionally, 40% of speeding drivers in fatal crashes are between the ages of 16 and 24. These shocking statistics have to change.

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Oct 21 2014

GNWT to develop framework to manage recreational lands

YELLOWKNIFE (October 21, 2014) – Minister of Lands Robert C. McLeod announced today that the Government of the Northwest Territories is beginning work to develop a Recreational Land Management Framework for the Northwest Territories.

“Northerners have told us that they care about environmental sustainability and also want more opportunities to lease land near communities for recreational use,” said Minister McLeod. “Now that devolution has taken place, we need to ensure recreational leasing throughout the territory meets northern needs and priorities.”

The Department of Lands is beginning work to modernize and unify its framework for managing recreational land management as part of the government’s commitment to improve policies and processes to better meet northern needs. The draft framework will be shared with Aboriginal governments and made available on the Department of Lands website for stakeholder and public review and feedback.  The work is expected to take approximately 18-24 months.

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Oct 21 2014

R.C. McLeod – Developing a Recreational Land Management Framework for the Northwest Territories

Robert C McLeod - Official PortraitMr. Speaker, the Department of Lands is responsible for managing and administering Territorial lands and Commissioner’s land. Territorial lands are public lands formerly administered by the federal government and devolved to the Government of the Northwest Territories on April 1st, 2014. Commissioner’s land is public land already under the GNWT’s jurisdiction and formerly administered by the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs.  Prior to April 1st of this year, the GNWT was only responsible for .02% of the land mass, or roughly 2700 square kilometers. Post-devolution we are now responsible for 85% of the land mass of the NWT or 1.15 million square kilometers.

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Oct 21 2014

David Ramsay – Implementation of the NWT Mineral Development Strategy

Dave Ramsay - Official PortraitMr. Speaker, responsible mineral exploration and development strengthens our territorial economy and helps to provide each region with opportunities and choices.

Later today I will be tabling the Mineral Development Strategy Implementation Plan, which will put the recommendations made in the Mineral Development Strategy into place.  The creation of an environmentally sustainable NWT Mineral Development Strategy was a key priority of the 17th Legislative Assembly and it establishes a comprehensive plan to ensure the long-term growth of a sustainable mining industry that will create jobs and economic opportunities for the people of the NWT.

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Oct 20 2014

Bob McLeod – Family Violence Awareness Week

Premier Bob McLeodMr. Speaker, the Government of the Northwest Territories has a vision of a strong, prosperous North. We know that creating this North starts with healthy, safe communities where people can prosper, free from the fear of violence.

October 5–11, 2014 was the 14th annual Family Violence Awareness Week. There were several events held across the Northwest Territories to bring attention to the serious ongoing problem we have with family violence among our residents. These events included a radio phone-in show in Fort Good Hope, school presentations with elders and youth in Tuktoyaktuk, workshops on the Hay River Reserve, four events in Fort Liard including a community potluck, Fort Simpson high school students decorated and displayed anti-violence t-shirts and Inuvik held a scavenger hunt and barbeque. I want to congratulate all the communities who participated in these and other activities.

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