AiP Important for the Future – Premier

Feb 2 2011

Premier Floyd K. Roland says he’s committed to keeping the devolution process moving forward and hopes a shared vision for a better future will encourage Aboriginal leaders to join and be part of the process whenever they are ready.

“In this Assembly, at the Northern Leaders table, and in our communities, we have sought and found unity when we have focussed on the future,” the Premier said today in his Sessional statement to Members of the 16th Legislative Assembly.

The Premier says he will be inviting Aboriginal leaders from across the NWT to engage with the GNWT in coming weeks, to determine their interest in finding a way forward together.

“To these leaders I say – come and be a partner in building our future together,” the Premier said. “Help us realize true self determination.”

Under a Final Devolution Agreement, residents of the NWT will gain the authority to decide how public lands and resources will be developed and used, to ensure the environment will sustain present and future generations. Devolution will also give the GNWT additional financial resources which could be used to help fund economic development programs, infrastructure investments, or invest in capacity building and education programs to ensure residents are trained and qualified to participate in – and benefit from – the economic activity going on around them.

Premier Roland says the signing of the Devolution AiP marks a significant step forward in meeting goals and priorities set out by Members of the Assembly.

“While we may continue to have differences, we cannot let those differences distract us from the goal we can all agree upon – that we make decisions today with future generations in mind.”

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