DOT Expands Online Services

Aug 28 2015

YELLOWKNIFE (August 28, 2015) – Minister of Transportation Tom Beaulieu announced today that residents of the NWT can now sign up to receive reminders regarding their driver and motor vehicle services by text message on their cellphones.

“By implementing modern methods of reminding residents about their driver and motor vehicle services, the Department of Transportation is supporting the GNWT’s Service Innovation Strategy and is continuing to improve services delivered to NWT residents, businesses, and visitors,” said Minister Beaulieu. “As one of the first jurisdictions to provide clients with reminders through text messaging, this will be a real enhancement to the Department’s Online Driver and Motor Vehicle Services as well as a major contributor to the 17th Legislative Assembly’s goal of providing an effective and efficient government.”

Through the Department of Transportation Online Driver and Motor Vehicles (DMV) Services, NWT residents can now receive text message reminders for:

  • Expiring driver’s licences, general identification cards or vehicle registrations;
  • Scheduled driver examinations; and
  • Driver medical renewals.

The Department hopes to see fewer missed driver examination appointments, as well as fewer expired vehicle registrations, expired driver’s licences and general identification cards.  No personal information will be provided in the text message reminders making the service safe and secure for residents to use.

You are already enrolled to receive text message reminders if you signed up for the Online DMV Services and have provided a phone number.  To check if you are signed up to receive text message reminders, simply login to your Online DMV account and make sure you have provided a phone number and agreed to receive the text message reminders.

To access the online driver and motor vehicle services, please visit: Department of Transportation Online DMV Services.

For more information:

Nick Hurst
Communications Officer
Department of Transportation
867-767-9082 ext. 31045