GNWT presents traditional gifts to Sochi-bound NWT Olympians

Jan 28 2014

theonetouseYELLOWKNIFE (January 28, 2014) – Resident NWT Olympians Michael Gilday and Brendan Green will be representing more than their sport and country at the Sochi Olympics. They will also be real-life models for the NWT’s rich cultural heritage and beautifully-crafted traditional arts and fine crafts.

In recognition of their personal and athletic accomplishments in making the Canadian Olympic team, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has gifted both athletes with traditionally-beaded moose hide gloves and slippers to wear outside of their competitions.

“Please wear these gifts with pride as a representation of the unique and special territory we call home – and a testament to how proud we are to have you serve as an ambassador not only for the NWT, but Canada, on this incredible world stage,” Premier Bob McLeod said in a letter to the two athletes.

The Department of Industry Tourism and Investment (ITI) is working with both athletes to support and capitalize on their success as ambassadors of its Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur label.  Both pairs of gloves and slippers are trimmed with NWT wild fur, which is considered to be some of the finest wild fur on the market and recognized world-wide as the highest-quality wild fur that money can buy.

“Having our athletes clad in NWT fur will provide a high-profile, visible representation of the NWT arts and crafts industry on the world stage,” said Minister of ITI  David Ramsay “We are working to highlight the fact that as athletes, representing the world’s foremost fur producing nation, Brendan and Michael are competing in one of the world’s leading fur consuming nations.”

Both pairs of slippers and gloves were created by traditional crafters in the Sahtu.

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Government of the Northwest Territories
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