Minister meets with Aboriginal Languages Revitalization Board

Mar 27 2012

YELLOWKNIFE (March 27, 2012) – The Honourable Jackson Lafferty, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment, met with representatives of the Aboriginal Languages Revitalization Board last week.

“It is imperative that we continue our work to preserve and revitalize our languages,” said the Minister.  “We are beginning to see some progress in the awareness, interest, and resources available for language teachers and learners, due in no small part to the work of the Aboriginal Languages Revitalization Board.  The work required to ensure the future of our languages is critical, and with the help of this Board, we are confident we will be successful.”

The Official Languages Act mandates the board to provide the Minister with advice and recommendations for the maintenance, promotion and revitalization of the nine official Aboriginal languages of the Northwest Territories.

“We are pleased to be working to revitalize the languages of the NWT,” said Acting Chair Dora Grandjambe. “We are working closely with the language communities, youth, elders and invested partners to provide pathways for learning and teaching, and we believe that our collective experience can provide direction and strong recommendations on how best to achieve our goals.”

The Minister and the board discussed the need for more interpreters and translators, terminology development, languages training, recruitment and retention of language practitioners and instructors, the importance of elders in supporting the languages, community workshops, and orientations for board members.


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