New Devolution Chief Negotiator Appointed

May 26 2011

Martin Goldney has been appointed as Chief Negotiator for the Government of the Northwest Territories on the Devolution of Lands and Resources.

Mr. Goldney is a lifelong northerner and a lawyer with extensive experience in Aboriginal and Constitutional Law.  Mr. Goldney joined the Department of Justice in 2000, where he has played a supporting role in a number of GNWT self-government and land claims negotiations. He has been an important part of the GNWT’s devolution team since 2002, serving as legal counsel until his recent appointment as Executive Director, Office of Devolution.

Mr. Goldney replaces Dr. Hal Gerein, who led negotiations since 2002 and will retain a role with the GNWT’s negotiation team as a senior advisor.

“The signing of an AiP between the GNWT, Canada, the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and NWT Métis Nation, represents a major step forward in achieving a decade-long goal for NWT residents,” Premier Floyd K. Roland said. “It was only possible with the dedication and hard work of our devolution team, admirably led by Dr. Gerein.”

In announcing the new appointment, Premier Floyd K. Roland says the milestone signing of the Agreement-in-principle on Devolution in January and plans to move forward with final negotiations dictate that leadership for the negotiation team be located in the NWT.

“I am very much a proponent of this change; this is the right thing to do and a good time to do it, Dr. Gerein said. “Mr. Goldney and I have worked together for nine years; he is an exceptional individual with excellent leadership skills.”

For more information, contact:
Victoria Velez
Press Secretary for Premier/Cabinet
Government of the Northwest Territories
Tel: (867) 669-2302