New participants sign NWT Devolution Agreement

May 26 2014

YELLOWKNIFE (May 26, 2014) – The Acho Dene Koe First Nation (ADK), Fort Liard Métis Local #67, Deninu K’ue First Nation (DKFN) and the Salt River First Nation (SRFN) are becoming parties to the Northwest Territories Devolution Agreement.

ADK Chief Harry Deneron, President of the Fort Liard Métis Local #67Ernie McLeod, Sub-Chief Robert Sayine of the DKFN, and Chief Frieda Martselos of the SRFN are joining Premier Bob McLeod for a signing ceremony at the Legislative Assembly Great Hall this afternoon.

“This is a good time for us to sign on to this Devolution agreement,” said Chief Deneron. “We are speaking for Fort Liard, and for us, a lot has changed.  We have reached an Agreement-in-Principle, and we are ready to move forward.”

“The signing of the Devolution Agreement is a positive step for Deninu K’ue First Nation. It will enable us to be more self-sufficient and create employment to improve the future for our youth,” said Chief Louis Balsillie. “The Devolution Agreement opens the doors for Deninu K’ue First Nation to finally benefit from the resource development occurring within Akaitcho Territory and across the Northwest Territories.”

“This is a historic day for the Salt River First Nation.  The signing of the Devolution Agreement has been a work in progress, and today we are accomplishing our Salt River First Nation mandate as a separate entity with the Government of the Northwest Territories,” said Chief Martselos.

“Now that devolution has been implemented, it remains important to the Northwest Territories that Aboriginal governments are able to participate and benefit,” said Premier McLeod.  “I am very pleased to have the Acho Dene Koe First Nation and Fort Liard Métis, the Deninu K’ue First Nation, and the Salt River First Nation join as parties to the agreement”.

With today’s announcement, the ADK and Fort Liard Métis Local #67, the DKFN and the SRFN will join the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, NWT Métis Nation, Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated, Gwich’in Tribal Council and Tłįchǫ Government as parties to devolution along with the Governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories.


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