Premier sends letter to Federal party leaders on northern issues

Aug 19 2015

YELLOWKNIFE (August 19, 2015) – Continued partnership with the Federal Government is integral to the future success of the Northwest Territories, and Premier Bob McLeod is asking the four main political leaders to share their vision for the north if their party were to form Canada’s next government.

In a letter sent to party leaders on August 19, 2015, the Premier asked a series of questions addressing issues critical to the progress of a sustainable and prosperous territory and vital to a strong partnership with the federal government and continued investment in transportation, housing and energy infrastructure by Ottawa.

The Premier asked leaders of the Liberal Party of Canada, Conservative Party of Canada, NDP and Green Party about economic development, growing the territory’s population, energy sustainability, transportation infrastructure, northern self-determination and devolution, climate change, and public housing, the latter an issue the Premier believes the new governing party needs to address head-on through a reinvigorated funding partnership.

“GNWT recognizes the power of partnerships with the federal government and also with Aboriginal governments, industry and communities,” the Premier wrote in the letter. “We are anxious to learn how you see our government’s relationship with the incoming federal government unfolding in the years ahead.”

Through continued partnerships the GNWT will continue to advance northern governance and economy. By doing so, the GNWT is responding to the needs and values of its residents by fostering these relationships with our federal and Aboriginal government counterparts through common priorities.

The Premier has asked for responses by September 19, 2015. Responses to the Premier’s letter will be posted on the government website for NWT residents to read. An informed northern electorate will help voters make the best decisions in the upcoming federal election, and the Premier is looking forward to hearing how the four parties envision its relationship with the territorial government when the next government takes office.

Click here to read the letter to candidates.

For more information, contact:

Roya Grinsted
Communications Officer
Office of the Premier/Cabinet
Government of the Northwest Territories
Phone: (867) 669-2308