Realizing NWT Potential Requires Agreement on Devolution – Premier

Apr 15 2011

Premier Floyd K. Roland says negotiations to devolve administrative responsibility for public lands and resources are about giving the future of the Northwest Territories (NWT) a chance.

“It’s about giving our young business people opportunities to grow their North and to achieve success,” the Premier told Members and guests of the Norman Wells Chamber of Commerce last night.

“The thing about potential is that that is all it is… until we take action and realize it.”

Speaking in Norman Wells, the Premier said all NWT residents need to be the benefactors of their decisions and the stewards of their lands.

“Whether you’ve lived here six months, 20 years or your entire life, Devolution benefits us all and allows us to make our own decisions about our collective future.”

A final Devolution agreement will transfer responsibilities and decision making for public lands and resources in the NWT from Canada to the Government of the Northwest Territories.  It will not affect Aboriginal or treaty rights, and will not interfere with the settlement of land claims or self-government agreements by Aboriginal Governments in the NWT.

The Premier is committed to advancing negotiations on Devolution and continues to meet with NWT leaders, communities and organizations to correct misinformation and increase understanding about the Agreement-in-Principle signed in January.

For more information, contact:

Press Secretary
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